With the strong desire to give of a part of ourselves, we can donate as much as we are able: money, clothing, shoes or medical supplies.

As volunteers for different tasks.

You can help us too by getting sponsors and donations.

Also we need sponsors, players, awards and contributions in general for the annual golf tournament.

How to...

To make it easier to assist us, it is now possible to contribute to La Casa by means of a credit card.

To contribute to us you can complete the form (at right) so that we may contact you to explain the process.

Otherwise you can print this form and mail it (or fax it) to our head office:

Riobamba 1050 2º (C1116ABF)
Capital Federal, Argentina

FAX: (+5411) 4816-3211

We will contact you to effect the payment.

Thank you very much.

Monthly donation levels

Method of Payment

(pay to "Casa del Niño Padre José Kentenich")

Banco Provincia 4002/26981/2

NOTE: all fields are required