On March 19th, 1985 in San Nicolás de Florencio Varela we set the foundation that gave birth to Casa del Niño. That year was the centennial of Father Jose Kentenich, which is the reason for the full name "Casa del Niño Padre Jose Kentenich".

This small house was built with the support of the Apostolic Movement of Schoenstatt. This was done, little by little, with great effort and the unconditional generosity of many people. This non-profit organization now gives 340 little ones, between the ages of three and thirteen, the opportunity to grow with dignity, teaching them, guiding them, giving them instruction and a daily meal.

La Casa has grown. We are now entering our 25th year, all of the time improving our capabilities and making a better environment for the children, thanks to the help of others.

We can now also count on the blessings of our Holy Mother. With donated materials, we were able to construct a small shrine, which protects and aides all inhabitants of La Casa and its friends.

La Casa de Niño has been growing. Our guiding premise is that "one child in our program is one less child on the street".

"We want this Casa to be a home with open doors for all, especially the most needy children.

We want to teach them to find their way in life.

We want them to grow opening their arms to others as we do."